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This project wants to help grow the idea of cooperation instead of competition. The believe is that this helps empower people to make better decisions about our life and collective future. Fedi is considered an important part of that idea, and this service is provided with the goal of helping that cause.

The believe in cooperation implies that ethics play an important role when deciding what other organisations to work with. While costs can still play a role in choosing what services/organisations to work with, the goal is to eventually use our resources to cooperate with, and support, other, more ethical, alternatives. This project can promote these more ethical organisations so that other people learn of them.

The believe in cooperation implies transparency. Non-sensitive project-related materials (e.g. documentation or code) should be publicly available under free licenses, and finances should be transparent. It should be clear how much money goes in, how much out, where the money goes to, and why a certain provider was chosen over another.

The believe in cooperation implies that feedback is wanted, and even strongly encouraged. This project consists of the people willing to run this project, as well as those who make use of the service. People should be able to discover what is happening in the project, and be able to provide feedback and actively contribute to the work and decisions made.

The open organisation definition is an inspiration on what direction to go when this project grows.

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