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Here we keep track of the income and expenditure. All money is used to support this service and it's future goals.

For donation options, see the donate section.


Estimated costs as of 15/07/2023

IPv4: €0.50/month
Snapshot: €0.007/month
Backups: €0.17/month
Server: €5.87/month

Total: €6.55/month
Total incl. VAT (21%): €7.93/month


As of 19/07/2023 we have ~€2.61/week donation (~€10/month). (Fees still need to be taken into account, so may be less.)


If donations and costs remain at the current rate, we can live forever \(^o^)/


This updates when I do it manually, so may not be up to date. New lines are added at the top. You should be able to copy-paste it into something like Calc if you want to do some basic analysis.

Date Amount (in €) Comment
2023-08-22 +4.48 Liberapay donation
2023-08-09 -7.77 Hetzner server costs
2023-07-24 +4.50 Liberapay donation
2023-07-07 -5.39 Hetzner server costs
2023-06-09 -5.39 Hetzner server costs
2023-05-11 +41.65 Liberapay donation
2023-05-09 -0.28 Hetzner server costs

This will do a call to a 3th party blockchain explorer and show the results on this page below the button.

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