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- Standing on the shoulders of giants -

This project would not be possible if it weren't for the countless of other projects that went before. Here's a list of projects we directly use.

For the instances:

  • Akkoma, the software we host and provide.
  • PostgreSQL, the database used by Akkoma.
  • Alpine Linux, the OS we use in containers.
  • Ubuntu, the OS we use on the host.
  • LXC and LXD, container software we use to encapsulate the separate instances.
  • Caddy, for reverse proxy.

For other thingies

  • Dokuwiki, for this website/wiki.
  • YunoHost, OS of the server which holds the mail address, this site, and the Akkoma instance with this project's account.
  • Liberapay, for accepting donations.
  • Neutrinet, member of FFDN and provider of the fixed IP address used for the YunoHost server.
  • Ecopower, citizens owned energy cooperative. Its energy powers the YunoHost server.
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