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This is how I currently think this project can grow. Things can always change, of course, but I think it's good to have some direction, so here it is!

  1. Make sure to have enough info to start the project, and get the word out
    • Strategy for setting up the instances
    • Getting a first website thingy
    • Getting accounts up for communication
    • Getting accounts up for donation
  2. Host instances with custom domain and do proper set up
    • Start with cheap small server, enough to host one or two instances
    • Setup
    • Backup
    • Basic monitoring
    • Most can still be manual
  3. Start improving where it makes sense
    • Automation of various tasks
    • Custom status 500 page
      • Link to account (should announce down times)
      • Maybe auto refresh every 10 seconds or so
    • Retry for status 200 on the reverse proxy
    • better monitoring
      • Possible tools (but I should ask around as I don't have experience with them)
        • Grafana
        • Prometheus
      • What to monitor:
        • Total cpu/ram/disk
        • Postgresql (idk what can be monitored, but I guess cpu, ram, and maybe long queries)
        • Total ram of each instance
        • Also have alerting through e.g. email (getting notified via fedi would be even better)
    • Package Akkoma for Alpine so I can `apk install akkoma caddy` and `apk update && apk upgrade`
      • How does packaging work on Alpine?
      • How/where to host the package?
      • I need a test instance to test the package first
      • Do I need a CI to build the package, or do I do it manually?
      • Can I make sure that the update only happens when the correct Alpine version is installed? (I assume this happens with setting correct dependencies)
  4. When we can afford it, get a proper domain
    • I would at least be able to cover 6 months of server (or other?) costs an one year of domain renewal before doing this
    • Add the option for (free of charge) subdomains
    • “Rebrand” this project
    • Move site under the new root domain
    • Start considering if it can be added to the Akkoma docs as an installation option
  5. When we can afford it, get an extra server for other things than instances
    • Move the site away from the server
    • Maybe also move mail
    • Move monitoring tools
    • Maybe think about extra's that can be useful, like a hosted LibreTranslate who can be set by default
  6. If we have server space to spare, see if it can be useful for Foundkey/Akkoma related (or otherwise useful) stuff
  7. If we have money to spare, see where it can be useful
    • Donations
      • Akkoma
      • Donations for Akkoma/Foundkey services
        • IRC,…
      • Other things this projects uses
      • Other fedi projects
    • Pay devs to fix specific issues
    • Maybe think about paying work hours spend on running/maintaining this thingy
  8. Maybe start thinking about setting up a legal entity and see if we can get more people do work coop style

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